Fuji RAW: Adobe's Lightroom vs. Phaseone's Capture One

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CoverCover A long time user of Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom®, since completing my transition to the Fujifilm® X series camera system, I have not been completely satisfied with ALR's (or ACR) handling of Fuji RAW files. The Silkypix RAW converter is too slow and cumbersome, so I have been trying alternative RAW converters, while limited to my Windows® world. My latest trial has been with PhaseOne's Capture One Pro 9®. After downloading the 30-day trial and watching a few instructional videos, I grabbed my Fuji X-T1 with the XF 16-55 attached and headed out to my backyard which is richly supplied with my wife's flowers and South Texas vegetation. With thunderstorms moving in, I had a mixture of lighting conditions at task.

With some fresh RAW files, I fired up Lightroom and Capture One Pro and imported some selects. Since acquiring my Fuji gear, I rarely pixel peep, but with the new software, I found myself monkeying around at 100% while switching between ALR and CP1. Now, the files looked fine in ALR, BUT, there were significant differences noticed in the files in CP1. Seemingly better detail, colors, contrast, etc. I decided to use each program to export a series of 10 images to JPEG as close in size as possible. Other than apply the "Provia/Standard" under Camera Calibration in Lightroom, I made NO changes to the Fuji RAW files. I did not touch any sliders in either program and exported from both with the setting of 4722 pixels on the long side (because that was the default in CP1 and I haven't yet figured out how to change it) with DPI at 300.

Changes were made to the file names with "ALR" and "CP1" used to designate the RAW converter. So you can see and compare for yourself, I uploaded the 20 comparison images to a gallery where you can view and download the JPEGs. Please respect my copyright and use them only for your personal use. Here are two teaser images, with the Lightroom rendered file on top.

ALRF8841ALRF8841 CP1F8841CP1F8841

I can't say I'm ready to jump ship and pony up for the Capture One Pro 9, but I'll explore more, time permitting, with my 29 remaining trial days!

Here is the link to the gallery with all 20 images: http://www.promediaimages.com/p293483243



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